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• All the rules and regulations should follow by the students and their parents. Compliance of rules and regulations is necessary. The current rules and regulations are given below. Some relevant extracts are also given in the School Diary. Parents will abide by the rules/circulars issued by the school from time to time.

• Honesty is the key of every student. In case of finding something which does not belong to the student, he/she should inform the office about the articles found. Also, the student can inquire in the office if he/she lost articles.

• Students are answerable to the school authorities for their inside and outside activities. Hence, in case of misbehavior in public places will create the justification of dismissal/expulsion. The possession of weapons (knives, chains, etc.) and ganging up with the students of other schools will not be tolerated in the school. Also, any kind of Bullying is strictly forbidden. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, objectionable immoral behavior and, above all, discourtesy, indecency and disrespect to teachers are sufficient to cause for suspension or dismissal/expulsion.

• On their way to and from school, students must remember that justification is done according to their activities. By student manners and deportment every student is urged to take responsibility to contribute to the high tone of the school.

• Students must come to school neatly dressed in a proper school uniform. Untidy clothes, torn shoes, rubber slippers, etc will not be acceptable.

• Students are strictly not allowed to bring objectionable literature. Also, are not allowed to purchase any article of food from unauthorized dealers at or near the school premises.

• In case of any damage to school property, stringent disciplinary measures will take action against such offenders. The parents will have to bear the expenses for repair/replacement of the damaged property.